Squish-Eez Mochi pack Mochi 10 pack Scented Slow Rising Squishy Toy

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Squish-Eez Mochi Squishy Toys are soft, colorful, and so addictingly... Squishy! Our friendly characters are great for kids to get to know and love. Each character has vivid contrasting colors. Mochi Kawaii squishy toys are made from durable soft silicone material that is environmentally friendly. Adults too will find this extra squishy toys make a better stress relief or distraction tool. From the first squeeze you are immersed into a sensory experience that will surprise you it is even possible for something to be this squishy! You won't want to put them down. Squish-Eez toys are the perfect sensory experience for Autism and kids with Special Needs. Squish-Eez are a great party favor gift for birthday parties and the like!

Each mochi toy measures about 2x1x1 inch

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