Squishy Sports


Squish-Eez Jumbo Sports brand slow rise squishy toys are extra large, scented, super soft, and so addictingly… Squishy! The 8 familiar sports themes give kids a way to enjoy their favorite sport, while adults can choose their youthful favorite and reminisce about the glory days. The squishy foam is easy to grab for playing catch and even soft enough for a friendly game of tag. Each piece has realistic markings and a pleasant sweet smell. These are not your regular every day hard foam stress balls that rebound immediately; Squish-EEz are extra squishy and take several seconds to fully rise back to their original shape and size. Adults will find they make a better stress relief or distraction tool. From the first squeeze you are immersed into a tactile experience that will surprise you and make you wonder how it is even possible for something to be this squishy! You won’t want to put them down. Squish-Eez toys are a great sensory experience for Autism and Special Needs kids. Squish-Eez are also a great party favor gift for birthday parties, team bonding and the like! Don’t mistake Squish-Eez with other products that are not jumbo size or true quality slow rise memory foam. Squish-Eez product is super slow rising and very large in size. Exact measurements are:
Football: 5 inches X 3 inches X 3 inches
Hockey Puck: 3 inches X 3 inches X 1 inches
All Other Balls: 4 inches X 4 inches X 4 inches
Dimensions: Jumbo Squishy Toys are 4” in diameter, large enough to fill the palm of your hand
Don’t miss out on this experience for you and your loved ones, add Squish-Eez squishy toys to your cart and order today!
Sensory Experience/Development: Impossibly squishy feeling and enticing scent is an interesting new sensation for everyone to try. Especially intriguing for Autism and Special Needs learning and development
Material: Durable Polyurethane Foam has Memory Foam-like characteristics for a super squishable experience. Soft enough to flatten, Strong enough to play catch with
Great Gift Idea: Perfect to entertain and amaze kids as they collect all styles! A great stress relief option for adults as well. Not intended for children under the age of 6
Quality: All Squish-Eez Slow Rising Squishy Toys come with a 1-year satisfaction guarantee! If you have issues with your product, please do not hesitate to contact us
In order to create incredibly squishy foam, there have to be lots of tiny air bubbles throughout the product. For this reason you may notice micro-tears and small air pockets, especially along seams. This is to be expected, it is a byproduct of making the squishiest material on Earth. With normal use Squish-Eez will experience normal wear, cracking, and even slight tears over time. This too is to be expected.