Magic Flow Ring 7 3D Kinetic Spring | Portable Interactive Metal Infinity Ring for Individual or Group Play | Outdoor Festival Activity

  • Interactive: Motion Activated Ring Fits to Any Sized Arm and Provides Cool Tactile Sensations When Flowing Along Your Skin
  • Beautiful: Infinity Style Loop has Sleek and Shiny Finish that Glimmers in the Light as it Moves! Makes a Great Gift
  • Durable: Made of Steel for Maximum Durability and Weather Resistance! Flattens to 5-inch Diameter for Storing and Easy Carrying
  • Engaging: Pass Time by Yourself or Spread the Fun to Your Whole Family or Group! They Won’t be Able to Resist Mastering the Art of the Flow
  • Dependable: Each Magic Flow Ring is Built to Last, Supported by a 1-Year No-Questions-Asked Satisfaction Guarantee! Feel Free to Contact Us If You Have Any Issues

The Magic Flow Ring is a fascinating and interactive toy that will capture anyone’s attention as they see it flowing and struggle to understand how it works! The ring forms a bubble that flows down your arm in a vortex motion. It will flow on almost anything you can fit it around: arms, hoses, hula-hoops, cords, etc. Young and old alike can use it since it fits to any size arm and is easy to use. The Magic Flow Ring is the perfect toy for kids to get outside and move around with their friends but can also be enjoyed indoors since minimal space is required for basic function. Wherever you choose to use it, prepare for your creativity to be boosted as you try to figure out how it flows without the assistance of magic!

Challenge yourself and others to keep the flow going, transfer to your other arm or even to another person! It is so much fun that you can trick yourself into getting some extra exercise! It is the perfect anxiety and stress relief activity thanks to the mesmerizing vortex flow pattern combined with body movement- let the soothing, sensory flow relax your mind and body.


Put your hand through it and let gravity pull it down your arm (works best without sleeves). The ring will activate into a kinetic bubble with motion and begin to flow across your skin.

  1. Keep it flowing! Flow back and forth on your arm or transfer to your other arm or even to another person!
  2. To see the ring fully extended simply lay the ring flat on your hand and ‘pop’ it up to activate it.
  3. Marvel at its intricate shape.
  4. Press down like a sandwich, twisting slightly, to put back in flat state. Flat state has a 5 inch diameter and is very thin for ultimate portability to your next event!

The Magic Flow Ring is the perfect gift for boys and girls alike, add one to your cart today and brighten someone’s life!

Notice: With normal use you will notice some color loss on colored ring edges.